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Let’s be clear about Isinglass

Written by Josephus Ross on October 10, 2016


You may not be aware but there is a slimy translucent sludge being added to beer. It’s called isinglass but in literal terms it could be more accurately described as fish swim bladders, or maybe better still… Fish guts. Gross!

That’s right breweries are putting fish guts in your beer! It’s a by-product of the cod and sturgeon fishing industry and more often than not it is what makes your beer clear. Most beers clear naturally over time but pubs need it clear quicker so they can sell it as most of their punters are unaware of the facts.

As you may already know all of our bottled beers are completely vegan friendly but did you know that some beers, particularly out of cask contains this fish slime. We’ve been asked on many occasions by pubs to add this stuff to our beers to help them clear quicker… but no more! Enough is enough and now you all have a right to know the facts.

Now Without wanting to get too scientific about the process, the particles in these fish guts have a charge that attracts the suspended yeast and proteins that make beer cloudy which in turn makes them heavier and drop out of the beer. Hence you have clear beer. The problem is that a great deal of that suspended material contains a big chunk of the flavour and aroma of the beer.

Put it this way, If you were drinking a lovely tasty pint of ale and someone came over to you and said ‘hey, how about I dump some fish guts in your pint, yeah it won’t taste as good but it’ll be really clear’ I think most of us in our right minds would tell that person in no uncertain terms to go do a little dance out the door. But the reality is that this is exactly what is happening right now in your beer and it seems many people are unaware of it.

Unfined beer (Beer without fish guts) on the other hand is completely natural and just like many good ciders is cloudy (It will actually clear naturally if left in a cool place undisturbed for a few days). However there are HUGE benefits to unfined beers in that they keep much longer (hops suspended in the beer act as a preservative), they contain beneficial vitamins and proteins, they are vegan friendly and perhaps most importantly, they taste & smell way better.

This is why at Staggeringly Good Brewery we are making a big commitment to quality. We’re proud of the beer we make and it seems like a sin to add this horrendous material to our beer only to strip out some of the stuff that makes the beer good in the first place. So Staggeringly Good shall forever more be a 100% vegan friendly brewery producing unfined, naturally hazy and fuller flavoured beers that everyone can enjoy. Awesome right!?

Well here’s where you come in because the buck doesn’t stop with us and all the other quality breweries that have made a commitment to unfined ale (Moor Beer Co., Vibrant Forest and even the big boys like Guinness). No it’s up to you, noble DinoRiders to demand a better quality product!

Be informed & Help to inform others.

  1. Tell your pub landlord you ‘don’t want fish guts in your beer!’.
  2. Don’t listen to idiots telling you that a beer is off because it’s cloudy. From now on we will be putting  Vegan friendly, naturally hazy stickers on all our pump clips so you know that if your beer is cloudy it’s meant to be that way.
  3. If your beer smells like shit and tastes bad refuse it. 
  4. If your beer is served warm, refuse it.
  5. If that beer smells good and tastes good there’s a pretty solid chance that it is good.

So now you have the facts. Unfined beer is completely natural, quality beer with Staggeringly Good flavour. Now it’s up to all of you to spread the word and support our cause. Tweet this message and let your friends know to demand better quality beer with #NoMoreFishGuts!

Thanks for reading.

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