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Written by Josephus Ross on June 8, 2017

WHAT: Launch of our new 8% Double IPA, JURASSIX
WHERE: Play Dead Studios, 131 Highland Rd, Southsea, PO4 9EY
WHEN: Saturday 8th July, 6pm

UPDATE! FREE pre-orders available now from CLICK HERE

UPDATE 2! WOW, all 100 pre-orders are now gone (in under 3 hours). However there are still loads of packs left for collection on the day so make sure you get down early to pick one up.

MyDogSighs in the Dog House

If you follow any of our social media channels then you’ll have seen us blathering on about JurasSix Pack and how we’re really excited about it. However even the most avid of our fans might struggle to work out what the hell it is and why they should care?

Well the long story is it’s a collaboration between ourselves and some of the most talented and influential artists in our home city of Portsmouth & Southsea that attempts to combine one big full flavoured beer and six incredible works of art together in a final product that celebrates local culture and creativity in a new exciting and ultimately, delicious way….& breeeeath.

Short story? It’s a six pack of beer with some badass looking cans!

But it is more than any old six pack of beer. We have been overwhelmed by the time and efforts bestowed upon this humble project by some world class home grown talent. Talent that consists of none other than world renowned ‘Mr Freeart Friday himself’ MyDogSighs, the ethereal exquisite genius of Midge, legendary Ink slinger Samo, the combined wonderland of eccentricity from Other Things (Otherwise known as Ooberla & Stu Linfield), Portsmouth’s Banksy beating stencil king M-One and the comicbook spray paint adventures of Fark. Yep that’s one insanely impressive orgy of artistic excellence right there.

OG of 1.075 = 8%abv

So how does the beer stack up?

Well JurasSix is one Big Daddy of a DIPA (Double IPA), a DIPAlodocus if you will (trademark pending). Weighing in at 8%abv it’s malt base is predominantly pale with a healthy dose of oats and caramalt to round out the mouthfeel and provide a little extra sweetness to balance out the IBU’s.

M-One at the cutting edge of Street Art

But what about hops?

Well we didn’t hold back. There are roughly 40kilos of hops in a 10 Barrel batch! That’s roughly 40% more than our 6.5% VelociRapture IPA. Believe us when we say this is an outrageous amount of hops. The varieties are latest harvest hops consisting of Citra, Ekuanot (formerly Equinox) and Mosaic. Yep this beer is without a shadow of a doubt one giant, juicy, thirst quenching theropod! Yep as John Hammond would say ‘We spared no expense!‘.

As for the launch we’ve decided it’s important for you all to get a chance to see the real life versions of the artwork in a single space, whilst having the opportunity to meet the artists in the flesh and at the same time enjoying a free sample of the beer whilst noshing on some freshly made street food! That’s why we’re having the official launch at Portsmouth’s purveyor’s of all the things spilled from the imaginations of talented folks everywhere, Play Dead Studios in Highland Road.

Plus those committed few that get down early will be able to get their hands on a small number of signed packs. Bare in mind there will only be a limited number of Batch JP-1 packs available so we recommend pre-ordering on Yapsody (CLICK HERE) or getting down early as you can to guarantee getting your hands on these 6 beautiful beverages.

We can’t wait to get this beer into your mouths and these incredible artworks into your eyeballs. It’ll be a an awesome opportunity to celebrate everything that our city has to offer in art, culture and BEER!

See you there


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