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JURASSIX DIPA 2 LAUNCH | What is it and why is it so important?

Written by Josephus Ross on August 19, 2019

In a little under 4 weeks we will be launching our brand new Double IPA, JURASSIX 2 (FB ), a six pack of beer like no other incorporating stunning artwork by incredible artists both local and further afield.

We launched the original project back in 2017 to huge critical success both for the beer itself and the accompanying artworks and now in 2019 the 2nd installment of this stunning collaboration is back!

2017 | The collab wall at PlayDead moments before the giant queue’s began to assemble.

A lot has changed in the 2 years since the last JURASSIX launch. Our experience of producing high gravity IPA’s has grown exponentially in that time as our portfolio of beers has grown. In 2017 JURASSIX was our first Double IPA but since then we have launched ‘Goddamn Sexual Tyrannosaurus’ a high strength IPA as well as our DIPA collaboration with Neon Raptor ‘They Do Move In Herds’ and both of those beers have helped us fine tune our understanding of what big beer can be. JURASSIX 2 will also be our highest gravity pale ale to date sitting at a monstrous 8.6% so expect big, juicy, tropical flavpours on a bright, opaque, deep maltbase. Yep we’re confident that this beer will go down smooth and easy so we hope you can bring yourself to crack at least one of the gorgeous cans and indulge yourself.

2017 | The First happy customer of Jurassix 1

Our hometown of Portsmouth & Southsea has also seen some welcome changes in those 2 years with a new focus towards creating a centralised student hub, transforming the skyline and hopefully breathing a little life back into the tired city centre. This transformation has the added bonus of a young audience hungry for quality experiences and the entrepreneurs of Portsmouth have responded with new independent businesses and creative community projects popping up all the time.

For those of you that have been with us since our conception you’ll know that we’ve always wanted to champion independence and community both as a business and as customers ourselves. It’s at the heart of what we do and where possible in the past we have shared the love with beer launches at local bars and collaborations alongside some of the greatest local producers.

This is why JURASSIX as a project is so important to us. It celebrates, creativity and community above all else. Local business and creatives bringing their talents together into a single voice that speaks to people that may not otherwise venture into both of these passions. Yes of course we’re doing it to make money (which I’m sure our 400+ crowdcube investors will be pleased to hear) but the motivation for any project like this has to be deeper than that, otherwise the soul of it becomes hollow and the public will see through the charade.

2019 | Teaser shot for @whenwewerecows

JURASSIX has bags of soul. It’s less of a product launch and more a celebration of the spirit of our city. We sincerely hope you can come and be a part of this collective community experience showcasing incredible local beer, independent creativity and some of the most remarkable local and national artworks on display in any city, at its launch on Friday 13th September, 7pm at PlayDead Studios on Highland Rd.

See you there x   

FB Event
Beer Facts – 6 x 330ml Cans, 6 different artworks, Double IPA 8.6%.
Launch Date – 13/09/19
Location – Play Dead Studios Highland Road, Southsea, PO4 9EY

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