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Hole In Time – ‘For the pub, by the pub’

Written by Josephus Ross on January 7, 2017

img_4501Hole In Time is a new beer brewed exclusively for The Hole In The Wall in Southsea and is simply put, a hoppy session pale ale. But for us it represents a ‘Hole’ lot more.


We first visited the Hole In The Wall 6 years ago (a mere blip by contrast to its most devoted of regulars) and even on that first visit were immediately won over by its charming decor and excellent beer selection which have made it one of the key venues in our drinking lives ever since. In fact it’s probably fair to say that there’s a good chance Staggeringly Good would not exist without this excellent watering hole. That’s because many of the influential meetings that were the inception of our brewery, took place around one of its wisdom steeped tables cradling a pint of something wonderful.


That being the case, when they asked if we could work with them to create a new house beer we jumped at the chance. We discussed everything they wanted in detail from style and strength to colour and character.


The end result is we believe, a glorious 4.3% session beer packed with a world of Hops from the US to New Zealand that pops with fruit character whilst remaining true to its classic bitter roots. A beer designed for the pub, by the pub.


This is a beer brewed for pub drinkers. It’s the beer that says ‘Get out of the house and be with friends’. The beer with which you spend time around tables putting the world to rights with old friends or complete strangers. The beer that wants you to be social, not online but face-to-face. The beer that celebrates the hours that pass like minutes. That joyous ‘hole in time’ that only exists in a truly great pub.


Hole In Time is launched on the 10th January 2017 @ 7pm at The Hole In The Wall, Southsea (FB Event –


We really hope you enjoy it.

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