JURASSIX DIPA 2 LAUNCH | What is it and why is it so important?

Written by Josephus Ross

In a little under 4 weeks we will be launching our brand new Double IPA, JURASSIX 2 (FB Eventfacebook.com/events/1136114896572302/ ), a six pack of beer like no other incorporating stunning artwork by incredible artists both local and further afield.

We launched the original project back in 2017 to huge critical success both for the beer itself and the accompanying artworks and now in 2019 the 2nd installment of this stunning collaboration is back!

2017 | The collab wall at PlayDead moments before the giant queue’s began to assemble.

A lot has changed in the 2 years since the last JURASSIX launch. Our experience of producing high gravity IPA’s has grown exponentially in that time as our portfolio of beers has grown. In 2017 JURASSIX was our first Double IPA but since then we have launched ‘Goddamn Sexual Tyrannosaurus’ a high strength IPA as well as our DIPA collaboration with Neon Raptor ‘They Do Move In Herds’ and both of those beers have helped us fine tune our understanding of what big beer can be. JURASSIX 2 will also be our highest gravity pale ale to date sitting at a monstrous 8.6% so expect big, juicy, tropical flavpours on a bright, opaque, deep maltbase. Yep we’re confident that this beer will go down smooth and easy so we hope you can bring yourself to crack at least one of the gorgeous cans and indulge yourself.

2017 | The First happy customer of Jurassix 1

Our hometown of Portsmouth & Southsea has also seen some welcome changes in those 2 years with a new focus towards creating a centralised student hub, transforming the skyline and hopefully breathing a little life back into the tired city centre. This transformation has the added bonus of a young audience hungry for quality experiences and the entrepreneurs of Portsmouth have responded with new independent businesses and creative community projects popping up all the time.

For those of you that have been with us since our conception you’ll know that we’ve always wanted to champion independence and community both as a business and as customers ourselves. It’s at the heart of what we do and where possible in the past we have shared the love with beer launches at local bars and collaborations alongside some of the greatest local producers.

This is why JURASSIX as a project is so important to us. It celebrates, creativity and community above all else. Local business and creatives bringing their talents together into a single voice that speaks to people that may not otherwise venture into both of these passions. Yes of course we’re doing it to make money (which I’m sure our 400+ crowdcube investors will be pleased to hear) but the motivation for any project like this has to be deeper than that, otherwise the soul of it becomes hollow and the public will see through the charade.

2019 | Teaser shot for @whenwewerecows

JURASSIX has bags of soul. It’s less of a product launch and more a celebration of the spirit of our city. We sincerely hope you can come and be a part of this collective community experience showcasing incredible local beer, independent creativity and some of the most remarkable local and national artworks on display in any city, at its launch on Friday 13th September, 7pm at PlayDead Studios on Highland Rd.

See you there x   

FB Eventhttps://www.facebook.com/events/1136114896572302/
Beer Facts – 6 x 330ml Cans, 6 different artworks, Double IPA 8.6%.
Launch Date – 13/09/19
Location – Play Dead Studios Highland Road, Southsea, PO4 9EY

Pienosaur – Broughton Water Buffalo farm

Written by Josephus Ross

FB Event – https://www.facebook.com/events/835712329921279/
It’s fair to say that we love working with local businesses. Even before we had our brewery we were starting to form alliances with some of the great local producers that we have in Portsmouth. In the last year alone we’ve seen beer bread, chocolate brownies, hot dog relishes, chilli sauces and all manner of food goods (including pies from Pie & Vinyl) all made with our beer. So when Jason from Farmer’s Choice first approached us about doing another type of pie collaboration it didn’t really seem like something new for us. However the more we talked over a beer then the more our personal feelings towards the mistreatment of animals in the meat industry and the misleading labelling of supermarkets started to come out.

‘Did you know’ Jason said ‘that the terms Indoor Bred/Outdoor Bred/Outdoor Reared as used by supermarkets are hugely misleading? In fact with some meats it can simply mean that the mother of the meat you’re eating was reared outdoors and not the animal itself.’…I didn’t realise this.

This level of deceptive marketing is something I find hugely infuriating. It’s present in all industries, not least of which the brewing industry, but when it comes to the wellfare of living creatures it goes to a whole new level of sinister and cruel. Although not officially a vegetarian myself I have eaten meat only a handful of times in the last 15 years as a result of my own personal exposure to modern agricultural methods and the huge amount of waste involved in our 24 hour food shopping culture.

As a result it was refreshing to hear from a butcher a level of care and respect for the creatures he uses in his various produce. That was when the concept of the Pienosaur started coming together. A generously filled pastry pie that would source it’s ingredients exclusively from the local South Downs and include only meat that was actually ‘Free Range’. The most ethically sourced delicious pie available in Hampshire to go with our unfiltered and unfined beers! Sounds awesome I thought.

A couple of weeks later once the ingredients were decided upon we took a visit to Broughton Water Buffalo farm and were introduced to the owner and farmer Dagan. I liked Dagan instantly, he’s an edgy character and it’s perfectly clear he doesn’t take any shit, the perfect personality to deal with the bureaucracy of modern agriculture I’m sure. But as well as this determined attitude there is a sensitivity to the man (who was raised in the South of France and studied art before finally returning to take the reins of the family farm) and he clearly cares deeply for these magnificent creatures.

‘Everyday of their life is wonderful, except for one.’ He quips. At first this comes over as a little glib to my (almost) veggie values, but he really means it in the kindest sense. These animals are cared for meticulously. They are moved each and every day to new pastures so they only graze on the best grass and clover which also gives the land itself time to recuperate.

Dagan took over the farm from his granddad at a very young age. Being young and filled with new ideas (and completely ignorant about farming), he could remodel the farm as he envisaged it. In January 2014, in partnership with the Woodland Trust, they planted 15,000 trees on the peripheral of the grazing fields. The trees are natures carbon hoovers that provide shade for the buffalo, shelter for the land and it will allow the chalky ground to hold moisture in the Summer. The trees also build up their own eco system of insects and plants. It was this commitment to sustainable, natural farming methods that made Broughton Water Buffalo farm the perfect choice for the Pienosaur project and I’m sure you’ll agree it tastes better as a result.


For the facts on meat labelling





Written by Josephus Ross

WHAT: Launch of our new 8% Double IPA, JURASSIX
WHERE: Play Dead Studios, 131 Highland Rd, Southsea, PO4 9EY
WHEN: Saturday 8th July, 6pm
EVENT INFO: https://www.facebook.com/events/232656793898902/

UPDATE! FREE pre-orders available now from CLICK HERE

UPDATE 2! WOW, all 100 pre-orders are now gone (in under 3 hours). However there are still loads of packs left for collection on the day so make sure you get down early to pick one up.

MyDogSighs in the Dog House

If you follow any of our social media channels then you’ll have seen us blathering on about JurasSix Pack and how we’re really excited about it. However even the most avid of our fans might struggle to work out what the hell it is and why they should care?

Well the long story is it’s a collaboration between ourselves and some of the most talented and influential artists in our home city of Portsmouth & Southsea that attempts to combine one big full flavoured beer and six incredible works of art together in a final product that celebrates local culture and creativity in a new exciting and ultimately, delicious way….& breeeeath.

Short story? It’s a six pack of beer with some badass looking cans!

But it is more than any old six pack of beer. We have been overwhelmed by the time and efforts bestowed upon this humble project by some world class home grown talent. Talent that consists of none other than world renowned ‘Mr Freeart Friday himself’ MyDogSighs, the ethereal exquisite genius of Midge, legendary Ink slinger Samo, the combined wonderland of eccentricity from Other Things (Otherwise known as Ooberla & Stu Linfield), Portsmouth’s Banksy beating stencil king M-One and the comicbook spray paint adventures of Fark. Yep that’s one insanely impressive orgy of artistic excellence right there.

OG of 1.075 = 8%abv

So how does the beer stack up?

Well JurasSix is one Big Daddy of a DIPA (Double IPA), a DIPAlodocus if you will (trademark pending). Weighing in at 8%abv it’s malt base is predominantly pale with a healthy dose of oats and caramalt to round out the mouthfeel and provide a little extra sweetness to balance out the IBU’s.

M-One at the cutting edge of Street Art

But what about hops?

Well we didn’t hold back. There are roughly 40kilos of hops in a 10 Barrel batch! That’s roughly 40% more than our 6.5% VelociRapture IPA. Believe us when we say this is an outrageous amount of hops. The varieties are latest harvest hops consisting of Citra, Ekuanot (formerly Equinox) and Mosaic. Yep this beer is without a shadow of a doubt one giant, juicy, thirst quenching theropod! Yep as John Hammond would say ‘We spared no expense!‘.

As for the launch we’ve decided it’s important for you all to get a chance to see the real life versions of the artwork in a single space, whilst having the opportunity to meet the artists in the flesh and at the same time enjoying a free sample of the beer whilst noshing on some freshly made street food! That’s why we’re having the official launch at Portsmouth’s purveyor’s of all the things spilled from the imaginations of talented folks everywhere, Play Dead Studios in Highland Road.

Plus those committed few that get down early will be able to get their hands on a small number of signed packs. Bare in mind there will only be a limited number of Batch JP-1 packs available so we recommend pre-ordering on Yapsody (CLICK HERE) or getting down early as you can to guarantee getting your hands on these 6 beautiful beverages.

We can’t wait to get this beer into your mouths and these incredible artworks into your eyeballs. It’ll be a an awesome opportunity to celebrate everything that our city has to offer in art, culture and BEER!

See you there


Hole In Time – ‘For the pub, by the pub’

Written by Josephus Ross

img_4501Hole In Time is a new beer brewed exclusively for The Hole In The Wall in Southsea and is simply put, a hoppy session pale ale. But for us it represents a ‘Hole’ lot more.


We first visited the Hole In The Wall 6 years ago (a mere blip by contrast to its most devoted of regulars) and even on that first visit were immediately won over by its charming decor and excellent beer selection which have made it one of the key venues in our drinking lives ever since. In fact it’s probably fair to say that there’s a good chance Staggeringly Good would not exist without this excellent watering hole. That’s because many of the influential meetings that were the inception of our brewery, took place around one of its wisdom steeped tables cradling a pint of something wonderful.


That being the case, when they asked if we could work with them to create a new house beer we jumped at the chance. We discussed everything they wanted in detail from style and strength to colour and character.


The end result is we believe, a glorious 4.3% session beer packed with a world of Hops from the US to New Zealand that pops with fruit character whilst remaining true to its classic bitter roots. A beer designed for the pub, by the pub.


This is a beer brewed for pub drinkers. It’s the beer that says ‘Get out of the house and be with friends’. The beer with which you spend time around tables putting the world to rights with old friends or complete strangers. The beer that wants you to be social, not online but face-to-face. The beer that celebrates the hours that pass like minutes. That joyous ‘hole in time’ that only exists in a truly great pub.


Hole In Time is launched on the 10th January 2017 @ 7pm at The Hole In The Wall, Southsea (FB Event – https://www.facebook.com/events/1187050338011033)


We really hope you enjoy it.

Let’s be clear about Isinglass

Written by Josephus Ross


You may not be aware but there is a slimy translucent sludge being added to beer. It’s called isinglass but in literal terms it could be more accurately described as fish swim bladders, or maybe better still… Fish guts. Gross!

That’s right breweries are putting fish guts in your beer! It’s a by-product of the cod and sturgeon fishing industry and more often than not it is what makes your beer clear. Most beers clear naturally over time but pubs need it clear quicker so they can sell it as most of their punters are unaware of the facts.

As you may already know all of our bottled beers are completely vegan friendly but did you know that some beers, particularly out of cask contains this fish slime. We’ve been asked on many occasions by pubs to add this stuff to our beers to help them clear quicker… but no more! Enough is enough and now you all have a right to know the facts.

Now Without wanting to get too scientific about the process, the particles in these fish guts have a charge that attracts the suspended yeast and proteins that make beer cloudy which in turn makes them heavier and drop out of the beer. Hence you have clear beer. The problem is that a great deal of that suspended material contains a big chunk of the flavour and aroma of the beer.

Put it this way, If you were drinking a lovely tasty pint of ale and someone came over to you and said ‘hey, how about I dump some fish guts in your pint, yeah it won’t taste as good but it’ll be really clear’ I think most of us in our right minds would tell that person in no uncertain terms to go do a little dance out the door. But the reality is that this is exactly what is happening right now in your beer and it seems many people are unaware of it.

Unfined beer (Beer without fish guts) on the other hand is completely natural and just like many good ciders is cloudy (It will actually clear naturally if left in a cool place undisturbed for a few days). However there are HUGE benefits to unfined beers in that they keep much longer (hops suspended in the beer act as a preservative), they contain beneficial vitamins and proteins, they are vegan friendly and perhaps most importantly, they taste & smell way better.

This is why at Staggeringly Good Brewery we are making a big commitment to quality. We’re proud of the beer we make and it seems like a sin to add this horrendous material to our beer only to strip out some of the stuff that makes the beer good in the first place. So Staggeringly Good shall forever more be a 100% vegan friendly brewery producing unfined, naturally hazy and fuller flavoured beers that everyone can enjoy. Awesome right!?

Well here’s where you come in because the buck doesn’t stop with us and all the other quality breweries that have made a commitment to unfined ale (Moor Beer Co., Vibrant Forest and even the big boys like Guinness). No it’s up to you, noble DinoRiders to demand a better quality product!

Be informed & Help to inform others.

  1. Tell your pub landlord you ‘don’t want fish guts in your beer!’.
  2. Don’t listen to idiots telling you that a beer is off because it’s cloudy. From now on we will be putting  Vegan friendly, naturally hazy stickers on all our pump clips so you know that if your beer is cloudy it’s meant to be that way.
  3. If your beer smells like shit and tastes bad refuse it. 
  4. If your beer is served warm, refuse it.
  5. If that beer smells good and tastes good there’s a pretty solid chance that it is good.

So now you have the facts. Unfined beer is completely natural, quality beer with Staggeringly Good flavour. Now it’s up to all of you to spread the word and support our cause. Tweet this message and let your friends know to demand better quality beer with #NoMoreFishGuts!

Thanks for reading.

Double Barrel Feverpitch

Written by Josephus Ross

There are few things in our British culture that can inspire as much heart-felt outspoken passion as beer. In this country beer is almost it’s own religion and unfortunately like most religions it can be scrupulously over analysed to the point whereby instead of bringing people together, it starts to divide them. Also like religion when people start preaching at me that any one way of doing things is right or wrong, my hackles start to go up.

I’d say in the current climate nothing divides beer lovers more than what I believe to be two arbitrary definitions. They are of course Craft Beer and Real Ale. The now infamous Brewdog once said that these definitions should be as simple as ‘…beer brewed for taste versus beer brewed for volume…’ and that would be a fair definition if we were all being grown up about it.

However the very fact that there is a distinction made in the first place has led to misinformation and subjective opinion standing in the way of simple satisfaction. Surely it’s as rudimentary as ‘Am I enjoying this beer in my hand. (YES/ISH/NO – delete as appropriate). But such has become the aggressive, outspoken tide of opinion that you could be mistaken for thinking that there is a war raging between real ale and craft beer lovers – and you may well be right. It’s a sad trait in many of us that if we like something we’ll always find a way to justify it. But if we don’t, we’ll find ways to falsify it.

Now it seems many have ‘picked a side’ and going to the pub can often mean an earful from someone who’s become confused as to what beer should be about. But having listened to the bleatings of both sides for years I have come to a conclusion… It is nothing to do with beer at all. Strangely it seems there is an allegiance being formed to the storage and delivery vessels that beer comes in. Basically Keg ale vs Cask ale.  To summarise further Cold beer with high carbonation (Keg) vs Cool beer with lower carbonation (Cask). After all what we are drinking is fundamentally the same thing. It’s brewed in the same way with the same core ingredients. There are obviously differences as to how beers mature in each vessel but ultimately it’s the brewers job to understand those differences and to make a great beer regardless. Yes temperature and carbonation do have an effect on the taste and aroma of a beer and as such there are differences between cask and keg ale, but ultimately the consumer just needs to decide at the bar whether he/she likes the taste or not. There is no right or wrong about it.

However the thing I find most confusing of all is the aggression that surrounds this topic. It’s one thing to say that you personally prefer one or the other but it’s a whole other leap of bias to say one is universally better than the other. And also, how the hell can choice be a bad thing? We live in one of the most exciting and eclectic countries for beer on the planet so let’s all begin to celebrate that!

So it’s important for you all to know that if you like our beers on cask, keg, bottle, growler or cupped from the holy font of the VelociRapture himself, we will always do our best to accommodate you. We love beer and we know that all you DinoRiders love beer too in your own unique way. So as brewers it is our job to celebrate that uniqueness and make sure the dinosaur in your hand is the one you love.