JURASSIX DIPA 2 LAUNCH | What is it and why is it so important?

In a little under 4 weeks we will be launching our brand new Double IPA, JURASSIX 2 (FB Event – facebook.com/events/1136114896572302/ ), a six pack of beer like no other incorporating stunning artwork by incredible artists both local and further afield. We launched the original project back in 2017 to huge critical success both for […]

Pienosaur – Broughton Water Buffalo farm

FB Event – https://www.facebook.com/events/835712329921279/ It’s fair to say that we love working with local businesses. Even before we had our brewery we were starting to form alliances with some of the great local producers that we have in Portsmouth. In the last year alone we’ve seen beer bread, chocolate brownies, hot dog relishes, chilli sauces and […]


WHAT: Launch of our new 8% Double IPA, JURASSIX WHERE: Play Dead Studios, 131 Highland Rd, Southsea, PO4 9EY WHEN: Saturday 8th July, 6pm EVENT INFO: https://www.facebook.com/events/232656793898902/ UPDATE! FREE pre-orders available now from CLICK HERE UPDATE 2! WOW, all 100 pre-orders are now gone (in under 3 hours). However there are still loads of packs left […]

Hole In Time – ‘For the pub, by the pub’

Hole In Time is a new beer brewed exclusively for The Hole In The Wall in Southsea and is simply put, a hoppy session pale ale. But for us it represents a ‘Hole’ lot more.   We first visited the Hole In The Wall 6 years ago (a mere blip by contrast to its most […]

Let’s be clear about Isinglass

WE WILL NO LONGER BE USING ISINGLASS IN OUR BEERS! Here’s why… You may not be aware but there is a slimy translucent sludge being added to beer. It’s called isinglass but in literal terms it could be more accurately described as fish swim bladders, or maybe better still… Fish guts. Gross! That’s right breweries are […]

Double Barrel Feverpitch

There are few things in our British culture that can inspire as much heart-felt outspoken passion as beer. In this country beer is almost it’s own religion and unfortunately like most religions it can be scrupulously over analysed to the point whereby instead of bringing people together, it starts to divide them. Also like religion […]