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Knight Ryeder (Rye IPA)

A collaboration with Arundel Brewery

This collaboration brew between Staggeringly Good in Portsmouth and Arundel Brewery is back once more! a hop heavy deep, dank and spicy ale with light notes of white pepper from the Rye. Grab your gauntlet’s, it’s time to ride a dinosaur into battle!

(3.84) | 98 Ratings
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Neil B.

Was looking forward to this one as darker than the others. Very bitter.

Trapped In Amber (Table Beer)

It may have a mosquito sized abv but this Hop bomb will play havoc on the tastebuds with giant double dry hopped doses Citra, Mosaic, Chinook and Centennial.

(3.69) | 68 Ratings
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Non-Renewable Resource (Stout - Russian Imperial)

Aged for 6 months on Bourbon Oak

(4.41) | 26 Ratings
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Wal P.

Reminds me of old favourite Dark Star Imperial. Bit thinner maybe. It’s good!

JURASSIX (IPA - Imperial / Double)

Sweet sticky Pineapple takes the lead in this dinosaur themed DIPAlodocus of a beer.

(4.22) | 94 Ratings
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Ekuanodon (IPA - New England)

Ekuanot single hop NEIPA

(0.00) | 5 Ratings
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Alex R.

Great DIPA. Murky, hoppy bit of malt too.

Chris S.

Lovely, fruity linger with an really interesting hop character. Pokey and lovely lovely.

Swamp Water (Brown Ale - American)

A Hoppy, Turbid, Delicious Mess!

(3.68) | 109 Ratings
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Joe B.

Easy session beer. Keep it up Staggeringly Good!

Rich C.

Subtle flavours. I can see why this is only cask.

Shane H.

Great pint. Fruity, malty and a spicy note.

Hop Rod (IPA - American)

A cloudy, heavily hopped IPA made with 5% oats

(4.08) | 177 Ratings
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Daniel D.

Pineapple boiled sweets, pear drops and lemon sherbet up front. Good semisweet malts and a refreshing lime zest tingle. Very pleasant

Matt C.

Errr yes it’s alright

Neil B.

Don’t generally do beer in cans but this is good, hoppy and strong. Don’t usually drink at 10 in the morning but managed to puncture the can

Tim H.

Latest batch, delicious citrus, tropical notes, lots of hops, and has a long juicy finish instead of the dry finish the old batch had.

Dawn Stealer: From the Valley of the Moon! (IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale)

(3.78) | 237 Ratings
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Post Impact Porter (Porter - English)

Roasted malts sit behind a rich, sweet, dark body.

(3.89) | 337 Ratings
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lee r.

Mmmm loving this smooth dark yummy beauty

Neil B.

Bitter chocolate and coffee.

VelociRapture IPA (IPA - American)

The VelociRapture cometh! Againeth! His return Marks an end for all those who denounce the Holy Trinity of Hops, Barley & Yeast Reject him and face the Apocalypse of taste! Embrace him & be baptised by his DIVINE nectar. so All hail the flavour & Savour our Saviour!

(3.85) | 696 Ratings
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Mike W.

Lovely pine and resin flavours, hint of fruit and a bitter finish.

Neil B.

Fruit on the nose, hoppy, strong. Not bad.